Comfort Page

Your Comfort is our Priority

We know first and foremost you cannot be comfortable unless you fully trust our team.  Hunt Family Dentistry has been serving the Florence area for over 65 years, you can ask anyone in the community and they will tell you, you count on us!  We offer many amenities to keep you comfortable during your visit at our office.  

-Painless Injections - Many people have a fear of "the shot" and this provides the most anxiety when people think of a dental appointment.  At Hunt Family Dentistry we have a technique for providing a painless injection.

1)  High strength numbing gel - It starts with placing a high strength numbing gel made of 20% benzocaine on your gums, this numbs the area in preparation for the injection and helps eliminate the "pinch".

2) Massage during injection - Studies have shown that if vibration and pressure stimulus are being activated by nerves than transmissions of pain will be blocked.  This is why Dr. Hunt will give the area of injection a light massage while anesthetic is being delivered.

3) Multiple types of anesthetics - We have a variety of anesthetics that we can use for every situation.  We have a anesthetic with low pH and is used in more sensitive areas.  Other anesthetics prolong the period of numbness to keep you comfortable after a procedure.