Composite (White Fillings)

Composite (White Fillings) – Composite Resin fillings are used to fill cavities on both anterior (front) and posterior (back teeth) after the soft cavity part of the tooth is drilled out by the dentist.  They come in different colors (or shades) to match each individual tooth.  The composite is placed into the cavity preparation as a soft gel and is hardened by exposing it to a blue light.  It is often placed in layers to ensure all of the material is exposed to the light.  After placement the composite is then polished by the dentist to remove excess and prevent discoloration of the material.

Composites are best used for small cavities.  The material has limitations and is prone to failure if it is used to fill large cavities.  We will often recommend crowns or amalgam fillings for large cavities because they have a more stable long lasting result.

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